No one chooses to be a single parent or widow, in most cases, it is always fate. It comes with its own share of fun and challenges. However, the challenges surpass the rewards making it the most challenging situation for any parent. The challenges are worsened by the inclusion of children in the mix. No matter what; death, divorce, and separation rob parents of the joys of companionship and sharing of responsibilities. PIF supports a single mother or widow because she has to deal with the loss of a partner and the gap left in her life. Normally, with a single mother/widow, there’s no one to offer a shoulder to lean on. There is a part that her partner solely played in her life- emotional fulfilment. It becomes more challenging when she has to live with her kids. The fact that she has to buy food, pay school fees, and rent a house, it becomes an uphill task on her side. Therefore, PIF has designed the Tailoring Scheme in which single mothers and widows are trained to do tailoring.

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